Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Reading Log for March

Final Entry:                                                                                         March 29, 2012

I Heart You, You Haunt Me
Lisa Schroeder

Part 1:                                                                                                                  

Reflect: I never thought I’d read a novel in verse. It was really my first time reading a book in free-verse style. I really had no idea that this book was in verse when I downloaded it. This book really surprised me because even though this book is small, it packs a powerful punch with just a few words. The poetry behind the story of Ava and Jackson adds nicely to the tone of what's going on. Considering that Ava is haunted, both literally and emotionally, by her boyfriend Jackson, the poetry adds to the haunting effect that is already established by her deep sense of grief. This novel is very modern and very young adult. I could picture a real teenage girl thinking and feeling these things. It's sweet--if you think haunting dead boyfriends are sweet. Haunting, yet captivating with a hint of creepy.

Connect: I never would have thought that a verse novel could make me feel so much. Even though I have no personal experience with what Ava is going through, I instantly connected to her. When something goes wrong, I have always blamed myself. But after I read this book, I realized that I’m responsible for what happens in my life, I eventually uncover and live more as that which is beyond both blame and responsibility and I find that it gets harder and harder to blame yourself or others for what is or is not happening in your life. I find myself taking appropriate action from moment to moment and allowing life to simply unfold as it does. Also, because I have friends who are always with me, I look up more to life with a brighter side.

Question: What did Jackson’s family do after knowing that he died because of Ava? Do they blame her or what? What did they do? I wanted to know their reactions because I am confused in that part because it is not much explained, and as far as I can remember, only Jackson’s mother is angry to her, the story did not mention his father or siblings. And also, I really want to know what was running in Jackson’s mind when he accepted the challenge that Ava asked? Even if he knew it would be really a bad idea to jump off a cliff so high, why did he do that? Is it because he really wanted to impress his girlfriend Ava so badly? What was Nick’s true intention for calling Ava frequently? Is it really because he is just worried about her or he wants her back? What happened between Cali and Lyric? Did they become a couple?

Prediction: I think Ava will find a new love. Even though it cannot replicate the experiences she had with Jackson but, she will find that a new love can be an equally good experience – and maybe even a better one. Their friendship between Ava and Cali will become much stronger because Ava gave way between Lyric and her. And as time passes by, Ava will come back to what she really is and will become a better person. 

Part 2:                                                                                                               

#13. Write a letter to the author

Dear Ms. Lisa Schroeder,

     I was not much of a reader until I read your book, I Heart You, You Haunt Me. I was amazed by how you managed to say a lot with very little words. The way you write verse is just beautiful, and you make me laugh and cry at the same time. Reading your book was an emotional roller coaster that was so worth the ride.  I’m really impressed by how developed the characters are in such a short novel, especially a verse novel.
     I am really looking forward in reading all of your books. Please continue to write more novels about life which makes us, your readers inspired and have a more positive view of life.  

                                                              Princess Rosshien L. Hortal