Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Writing Machine

The ballpoint pen is a simple machine that facilitates writing. It is an example of a simple technology that satisfies a huge need. But how does the mechanism work? For us to know how does ballpoint pen really works, we must first need to know its components. The ballpoint pen consists of an ink cartridge, a socket and a ball (sphere).

The ballpoint pen operates on simple principles. The ball is evenly adjusted in the socket so that it will not fall out or get into the cartridge.  It rotates freely and rolls out the ink, but this ball is secured firmly by sockets; nevertheless, it permits enough space to transfer without having restriction.  To make the ball rotation possible, sockets are designed very carefully and precisely. Perhaps, it is the critical part of the ballpoint pen. The side of the ball which we can’t see is in contact with a narrow plastic tube filled with ink so it can pick up ink from the ink cartridge. Ink is dispensed from the ink cartridge by the power of gravity, but the ball still secures the ink inside right up until it is rolled out.

So as we write, the ball rotates and in the course of its rotation, it takes ink from the ink cartridge and the ink is put evenly on to the paper.

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