Saturday, 7 January 2012

Invention Proposal

A proposal to invent ballpoint pen to improve the writing mechanism.
From Dipping to Rolling

People are having a hard time in writing using the quill pen. As to that problem I propose your Magnificence that we should replace the quill to ballpoint pen. The ballpoint pen operates on simple principles. It is easier to use and more efficient than quill pen. People will save time in writing. The ballpoint pen will surely satisfy the huge need of our countrymen.

Besides, quill pens only lasts about a week before it is necessary to replace them, there are other disadvantages associated with their use, including a lengthy preparation time, it leaks and it doesn’t write very far. The quill pens are delicate and it uses water-based ink that writes poorly on several different kinds of paper. One that uses ballpoint pen is at a huge advantage because:
  1. The ballpoint pens are less likely to leak than quill pens.  It is because of the socket that secures the ball firmly.
  2. Ballpoint pens are very durable and do not break as easily as quill pens do. Since quill pens are made of feathers, too much force or pressure will break it.
  3. The quill pens may allow different thicknesses of lines to be applied, ranging from soft and thin to broad lines but it takes a lot of practice to use them right. Ballpoint pen on the other hand, can be controlled easily with precision that can achieve very tight renderings. 
  4. Quill pen user should have a coal stove to dry the ink as fast as possible. Ballpoint pens, however, do not need a coal stove because it uses a quick-drying ink.

Ballpoint pens will be an enjoyed dominion in being known as one of the most sufficient pen types there is. They can be used by professionals, students, and anyone who has an immediate need of a tool they can use for their writing longings.


A proposal to invent an internal combustion engine to improve the transportation.
Need for Speed

The people in our country seem to be having difficulties in transporting from one location to another. I believe that your Magnificence would take pleasure thereof, and that herein I hope to do you service.  So in order to help our countrymen, I humbly ask for your approval with regard in making an internal combustion engine carriage so that our people can transport at a faster pace. 

The main idea for an engine is the existence of a combustion chamber, in which fuel-air mixture exists. Then, this mixture is allowed to burn; either using a spark or by increasing its temperature and pressure of the mixture. Due to combustion, energy is liberated and the piston is forced to move. Accordingly, it transforms the produced power to the gearbox using the crankshaft. It should also be noted that air is allowed to enter and mix with the fuel using the camshaft mechanism.

This study proposes to replace the horse carriage by a horse-less carriage, so that to increase the distance human beings can endeavor into space. Here are some reasons as to why we should replace horses for ICE carriage.
  1. The horses produce prodigious amounts of manure that then has to be shoveled and barge out again. The odor and flies are awful and in the summer heat it is almost unbearable. Carriages on the other hand, need no food or water and since it doesn’t produce manure, there is no fuss and no muss.
  2. One should depart earlier if he is using a horse for transportation while in carriage, there is no need to worry about the departure times and delays.
  3. Pulverized horse manure is a much worse pollutant, than the exhausts of carriages. It is because horse manure carries a lot of deadly pathogens.
  1. People can travel faster if they use carriage in transportation.
With this, our country will improve and have a brighter future.